Mike Sherman

A licensed clinical psychologist and NAPA/UC Davis Infant Parent Mental Health fellow, Dr. Mike Sherman has expert training and experience in early childhood development and mental health. For more than 10 years, he has been involved in various aspects of community mental health programs, including direct service provision to at-risk/Child Protective Services-involved children and youth, supervision of clinical staff, training, program development, and administration. Dr. Sherman’s training combined with his years of clinical practice and administrative experience have given him a deep understanding of the needs and barriers in our systems of care. His goal is to improve access to services and broaden the capacity of providers, programs, and systems to foster children’s social , emotional, and behavioral health and development.

Type of Consultant

Areas of Expertise

- Select - Brain Development Child abuse/neglect Infants K-3rd grade Kindergarten Mental Health PreK Preschool Program policies Public policy Research Social- Emotional development Staff Engagement Strategic Planning Systems development Teacher – Child Interactions Toddlers

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