Louise Stoney

I am a national expert in ECE finance and policy, and Co-Founder of both Opportunities Exchange and the Alliance for Early Childhood Finance. I have helped national organizations, state policymakers, foundations, and early care and education (ECE) leaders craft effective policy, model program costs, revise subsidy rules and rate-setting strategies, re-visit QRIS standards and procedures, craft new approaches to contracting and voucher management, and more. I also helped to start, and continue to provide technical assistance and strategic leadership to, the national Shared Services "movement", which is focused on transforming the business of early care and education to improve outcomes for children. In this capacity I have led numerous projects; planned conferences, study tours, webinars and workshops; and authored several white papers on topics related to re-thinking staff roles/responsibilities and key metrics to strengthen pedagogical and business leadership in ECE.

Type of Consultant

Author Business Consultant Conference Presenter Keynote Speaker Webinar Presenter

Areas of Expertise

Administration Advocacy Association management Back Office/Business management Business Enrollment Finances and accounting Fundraising Grant seeking and grant writing Marketing Office management Organizational Development Program policies Project Management Public policy QRIS Systems development Technology (office systems)

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