Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Transformative, forward-thinking and solution-focused, Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak is committed to guiding early educators by nourishing their hearts and minds while strengthening their social-emotional intelligence and leadership skills. Book Kristie for your next professional development event: With over two decades of educational experience and several years of social leadership practice, Kristie cultivates real change within educational organizations. She instills an impressive sense of joy, humor and fun in creating best practices that start from within, empowering teachers to spread wellness both in and beyond the classroom walls. As the founder and head of B2K Solutions, Ltd., and creator of the Pre-K Teach & Play podcast, she aims to {r}evolutionize early care and education by helping teachers to push against the pressures to “ready” children and, instead, teach through play!

Type of Consultant

Coach (Administrators) Consultant (Advisor) Curriculum Developer Evaluator Keynote Speaker Professional Development Provider/Trainer Technical Assistance Provider

Areas of Expertise

Active learning Assessment Behavior and Classroom management Brain Development Coaching (Administrators) Coaching (Teachers) Curriculum development Inclusion PreK Social- Emotional development Teacher – Child Interactions

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