Kathy Pillow-Price

I love sharing what I've learned in my executive and early childhood positions by speaking and acting as an independent consultant, coach, and trainer. Investing in growth and development is my passion. I believe people learn best by doing. When giving presentations I try my hardest to combine my expertise with practical strategies and lots of energy and enthusiasm! My goal is to give you a presentation experience that is enjoyable, but also packed with useful ideas you can immediately begin to implement. I use active training techniques so each of my sessions are fun, engaging, relevant, and most importantly, effective. I would love to design a presentation with up-to-date research and informative practical tips and techniques that’s just right to engage you and your employees! I hope you’ll contact me for more information and let me know how I can be of service to you.........Let's talk!

Type of Consultant

Coach (Administrators) Conference Presenter Keynote Speaker Professional Development Provider/Trainer Technical Assistance Provider

Areas of Expertise

Administration Board Development Coaching (Administrators) Coaching (Business) Coaching (Teachers) Contracts Family/Parent Engagement Finances and accounting K-3rd grade Kindergarten Language and Literacy development Leadership development Organizational Development PreK Presentation Enhancement/Training Product Development Project Management Social Media Staff Engagement Strategic Planning Teaching strategies Toddlers Training Trainers

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