Kathryn Page

I provide consultation, trainings, assistance of various kinds to anyone who wants to know more about the 5% of our population with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. From a one-time brief education to days-long trainings, I give my clients a vibrant, useful experience of this woefully under-recognized condition. Most often, people (including professionals and agencies) do not know that the challenging children and adults in their practices are dealing with prenatal alcohol damage...it looks like ADHD, or speech delay, or sometimes autism or bipolar or attachment disorder. All of those symptoms may be present, but they are all rafted together and complicated further if FASD is actually the culprit. While most of my practice involves foster and adoptive families, there's a special place in my heart for moms who think they might have done some damage to their child in the womb by drinking. Women--and those who love them--can expect empathy, respect and understanding.

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Brain Development Disabilities and special needs Foreign Languages Mental Health Social- Emotional development

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