Deidre Harris

Pyramid Model Consortium Implementation & Training: • Module 1, 2 & 3 Training • Leadership Team Training • Pyramid Model Implementation Consultation • TPOT/CLASS Alignment Training Program Development & Implementation • Program Manuals – day to day operations for program staff • Working with Coaches – supporting coaches in their work with teaching staff • Onboarding – systematic process for helping staff to acclimate to the policies, procedures and processes of your program CLASS Training: • Overview Training • Reliability Training • Making Connections, Digging Deeper Training • CLASS/TPOT Alignment Training • CLASS/Danielson Alignment Training Curriculum and Instruction: • Development, Training and Implementation • STEM training and implementation

Type of Consultant

Coach (Teachers) Conference Presenter Curriculum Developer Professional Development Provider/Trainer Professional Development Writer

Areas of Expertise

Behavior and Classroom management Classroom Improvement Coaching (Teachers) Curriculum development Curriculum implementation Preschool Teacher – Child Interactions

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