Cindy Terebush

I help people to learn about and to remember how children think, create, develop and grow. I guide early learning centers and parents in implementing best practices. Through interactive small & large group presentations, relatable articles and professional development sessions, I work with early childhood professionals and parent groups to remember that children need our understanding and respect for their individual development levels to develop self-esteem, pro-social behaviors and a foundation for the years ahead. It is a privilege to be able to use my years of experience to motivate and educate parents and professionals. Children can be taught in a developmentally appropriate way and still succeed in today's world. In this pressure filled and product oriented environment, everyone who spends time with young children needs to remember that the children need a play-based, positive environment to develop a love of learning and positive self-image.

Type of Consultant

Author Coach (Administrators) Coach (Teachers) Conference Presenter Consultant (Advisor) Keynote Speaker Professional Development Provider/Trainer Technical Assistance Provider

Areas of Expertise

Active learning Administration Behavior and Classroom management Curriculum implementation Language and Literacy development Outdoor play Play PreK Preschool Social- Emotional development Teacher – Child Interactions Teaching strategies

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