Cassandra O'Neill

I provide: Innovative approaches to leadership development which builds capacity across programs, organizations, and collective impact initiatives; Highly effective and engaging professional development which leads to changes in quality; Strengths based approaches to leadership coaching for individuals and executive teams -- which leads to identification and alignment of individual and shared goals that people are excited about and want to see happen; Skilled family and community engagement, strategic planning, and facilitation that is customized for you and your team. I: meet your team where they are and help them get where they want to go; create conditions to increase trust among the staff, families, and communities; and help groups identify strategic solutions that are grounded in daily operations and existing resources, focus on levers of change that will have a long-lasting impact, and are based on the strengths of your culture and shared values.

Type of Consultant

Author Coach (Administrators) Keynote Speaker Professional Development Provider/Trainer Technical Assistance Provider Webinar Presenter

Areas of Expertise

Administration Coaching (Administrators) Community engagement Family/Parent Engagement Leadership development Meeting Facilitation Organizational Development Presentation Enhancement/Training QRIS Staff Engagement Systems development Training Trainers

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