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A directory of experts who provide services early care and education organizations need.

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Early Childhood Investigations Consulting Directory, or ECEexperts.com, is a directory of experts that provide consulting service to the early childhood sector. Since 2010, Ear;y Childhood Investigations has offered hundreds of free, conference-quality webinars to hundreds of thousands of early educators. Now we are building our community of nearly 60,000 early childhood professionals to offer a nationwide directory of experts that is free to search.

It's simple! Our mission is to connect early education organizations of all kinds with the expertise they need, but may not have on staff.

Our mission is to connect early childhood organizations -- large and small, direct service and B2B, B2Ed, or B2G-- with reliable consulting, training, business, research, and content development services from leading experts.

We know that programs, non-profit organizations, and companies often need very specialized expertise they lack on staff. While we are still growing, ECEexperts.com will ultimately be a powerful database of professional profiles that include every type of consultant or contractor who provide services to the early education sector. The Directory includes hundred of types of consultants. Here are just a few:

  • authors
  • business specialists
  • coaches
  • content developers
  • marketers
  • lawyers
  • keynote speakers
  • researchers
  • sales specialists
  • subject matter expertss
  • technologists
  • trainers
...and hundreds of other types of consultants who search the early care and education industry

How can offer the Directory free to organizations who want to search?

There's no catch! The database is free to search, but consultants and organizations pay a very reasonable subscription fee. It's simple and affordable for consultants to make it easier for organizations that need their expertise to find them.

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Fran Sokol Simon, M.Ed.

Fran Simon, M.Ed.
Founder, Early Childhood Investigations
Engagement Strategies, LLC


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